Welcome to the Service Department

Not only is Far Out Music a first rate pro audio retail music store with actual qualified and knowledgeable sales staff, we are also the area’s preeminent electronic service and repair center. Service administrator Robert Marston ( rmarston@faroutmusicinc.com ) coordinates the logistics of the shop’s responsibilities. Service Technician Fred Diaz, with 45+ years of bench tech experience in all areas of electronic pro audio repair, and 5+ years of experience in broadcast engineering cameras / VTRs / and production switchers. Together they keep the flow of malfunctioning / non-functioning /damaged incoming gear and the fully functioning revived and repaired outgoing gear smooth and stress free. (For YOU that is!)

Handling warranty repairs for many of the manufacturers that Far Out Music sells (see below) as well as non-warranty repairs for ALL pro audio equipment new and old, Far Out Music’s service dept. is “the go to” place when you need your gear fixed right and you need it fixed fast. Far Out has among the fastest turnaround times of any service center anywhere. In certain rush cases when all necessary parts are on hand, repairs are completed the same day. Even non-rush repairs that happen to require less trouble shooting are in many instances completed in 1 day. All customers that have purchased equipment from other nearby pro audio retail outlets are always directed to Far Out Music’s service dept. when they find themselves in need of repairs. Far Out service is definitely a resource you will quickly realize you can trust and depend on and want to add to your list of “My Important Contacts.”

Far Out Music does warranty repairs for the following Manufacturers:


  • FMIC

FMIC Fender Logo




  • Fender

Fender Logo under FMIC




  • Squire

Squier Logo under FMIC




  • Gretsch

Gretsch Logo

  • Jackson

Jackson Logo

  • Charvel

Charvel Logo



  • EVH

EVH Logo




  • Groove Tubes

Groove Tube Logo




  • Genz-Benz

Genz Benz Logo


  • SWR

SWR  Logo






  • Peavey

Peavey Logo




  • EV

EV Logo





  • Roland

Rolando Logo


  • Yamaha

Yamaha Logo






  • Crate

Crate Audio Logo



  • Mackie

Mackie Logo



  • Ampeg

Ampeg Logo



  • Blackheart

Blackheart Logo





  • Korg

Korg Logo





  • Kurzweil

Kurzweil Logo



  • Nord

Nord Logo



  • Fostex

Fostex Logo



  • Wharfedale

Wharfedale Logo




  • Vestax

Vestax Logo





  • Crown

Crown Logo





  • Soundcraft

Soundcraft Logo



  • KV2 Audio

KV2 Audio Logo




  • Gallien Krueger

Gallie Krueger Logo




  • Kustom

Kustom Logo




  • General Music

 General Music Logo

  • Line 6

Line 6 Logo

  • David Eden

David Eden Logo





  • Randall

Randall Logo




  • Marshall

Marshall Logo



  • Soundtech

Soundtech Logo



  •  Teac

Teac Logo