Welcome to the Recording Department


Things sure have changed in the recording world. 20 years ago if you wanted to record a demo of a song you had written you had to book time in a studio. These days studio quality recordings can and are made in the comfort of one’s home on a very small budget. Personal computers have become so powerful and affordable that they have become the recording platform of choice.

Our recording department has the gear you need to record you or your band.

Computer Interfaces

Computer manufacturers don’t spend much money on the input section of laptops and desktops. That’s why if you’ve plugged a guitar or microphone into that little 1/8 inch jack and tried to record, the quality left a lot to be desired.

What you need is what’s called a recording interface. These units combine a good quality preamp with a good A/D (analog to digital) converter and connect to your computer through USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt.

When choosing a recording interface the first thing you need to determine is how many inputs will be used at a time. If you are going to record your band’s rhythm section (drums, keys, guitar, bass, lead vocals) at least eight inputs will be needed to record a live take on individual tracks. If you are working alone or with a partner you may be able to get by with only two inputs and build your song with multiple overdubs.

Our recording interfaces from Presonus, Steinberg and Tascam range in price from $99.00 – $4000.00. All of the interfaces we carry include recording software.

Digital Recorders

These units are designed to record without the need of a computer. As with recording interfaces, your choice of digital recorder will depend greatly on how many inputs are needed. Several of the recorders we carry have CD burners on board allowing you to create an audio CD of your songs.

Our digital recorders from Tascam sell for $99.00 – $599.00


Nothing influences the quality of your recordings as much as your choice of microphone. We have a wide assortment of dynamic and condenser microphones from Shure, Audio Technica, CAD, Rode, MXL and Blue. $79.00 – $600.00

Studio Monitors

You will need a pair of quality speakers designed to faithfully reproduce your recordings without “coloring” the sound. Almost all studio monitors are active (have amplification built in). We think the Presonus Eris series of studio monitors are a good choice for studio monitors. $199.00 – $499.00 per pair.


We have a variety of microphone stands, pop filters, headphones, reflection shields, headphone amps, cables and adaptors to complete your studio.

Brands We Carry

Presonus | Tascam | CAD | Shure | Audio Technica | Rode | Steinberg | Denon/Marantz | Superlux