Welcome to the Guitar & Amp Department


Hello musicians and audiophiles.  Welcome to the guitar and stringed instrument corner of Far Out Music.

My name is Mike and I am the guitar tech here at Far Out Music.  I have over 40 years of guitar playing experience and have been a luthier since 1999.  Here is where you can find guitars, amps and accessories for electric and acoustic guitars and bass.  We also have a wide selection of other acoustic instruments like ukuleles, resonator and tenor guitars, Banjos and mandolins.

We can repair or turn that ordinary ax into your custom built dream. With parts from brands like Seymour Duncan , Dimarzio, Fender and Gibson, we can install, modify or fix most stringed instruments.  That ax needing a complete setup?  Fixed bridge guitar or bass setups which include truss rod adjust, set intonation, action adjusted, polish frets and clean guitar start at $25. Floating bridge/floyd rose equipped guitars start at $30.  Purchase your pickups here and standard installation is free.  Partscasters are our specialty. We can rout for bridges, pickups and make custom pickguards.  Headstock cracks, neck breaks and other issues? We can handle that.

And don’t forget, fresh strings help your guitar play and sound its best. We offer electric or acoustic guitar restringing under $11.49

So, feel free to drop in and see what we can do for you.


Mary had a little Strat, with strings all rusted out.

So when she played her favorite song, the notes did make her pout.

So off to Far Out Music she went, with the Stratocaster in her hand

To let Mike service her guitar, to make it sound all grand.

And now when Mary plays her song, the notes can swell and sing

Far Out music is the place, for all musicians’ things.


In closing, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and invite anyone that has never been here to stop by and see what we can do for you.

Brands We Carry

Peavey | Boss | Roland | Blackstar | Kohula (ukulele) | Lanikai (ukulele) | Hohner | Fender Parts & Accessories | Seymour Duncan | Dimarzio | Kent Armstrong | WD Music | AllParts | Jim Dunlop | MXR | Korg | Digitech | D’addario | Ernie Ball | GHS | Rocktron | DR Strings | Kala (ukulele) | Fender Squire Bullet | Elixir Strings | G&L