This department doesn’t sound very exciting at first but without accessories it would be hard to play most instruments or hook them up to amps, PA systems or each other.

Guitar Accessories

We’ve got a wide assortment of guitar strings, straps, picks, tuners, slides, strap locks, capos, cables, stands, polishing cloths, cleaners, amp stands and more. How about a new bag or hard case? We also have instructional DVDs and books for those just learning to play.

Drum Accessories

We’ve got the widest assortment of drumsticks in town at the best price. We also probably have the drumheads you need in stock. Other drum accessories include kick pads, drum keys, snares, hi-hat clutches, dampening gel, cymbal and snare stands, clamps, stick bags, cowbell holders, pedal springs, bass drum beaters, percussion mounts, drum cases, cymbal bags, felts, tension rods, mic holders, triggers and more.

Keyboard Accessories

We have a great assortment of single, double and triple keyboard stands. We can supply the correct damper pedal or volume pedal for your keyboard. We also have MIDI cables, signal cables, stools, benches expansion boards, keyboard amps, bags, road cases and more.

Recording Accessories

Reflection filters, pop filters, wind screens and shock mounts are great microphone accessories along with stands and booms. We also have a large variety of headphones.

PA Accessories

We have microphone cables, signal cables and speaker cables in all lengths. We also have a whole wall of connector cables and adapters. If you need to hook something up to something we probably can provide the means to get it done. We have speaker stands, microphone stands, goosenecks, iPad and iPhone holders, drink holders, music stands, snakes, racks, mixer bags and more. We also have replacement speakers and grill covers.

Our accessory department is the place to look for that piece that enhances your performance or solves a problem.