Do you value customer service? Hands-on expertise? Sales staff with knowledge?

Far Out Music was founded over 40 years ago by Kenny Dewees. In 1963, while working as a technician during the day for Tiller’s Music store in Louisville, he started a repair shop out of his garage. As more and more musicians came for repairs and custom jobs, He soon expanded into D# Service, on 18th Street in Louisville. As his reputation for quality service grew, he realized then that the community desired not just service, but actual equipment and the knowledge that went along with it. So, in the early 70’s He first opened the doors of Far-Out Music.

Unfortunately Kenny passed on in 2015. Today, Far-Out Music still encompasses his values. Our business is still based on the concept of service. Service to our customers means having a large inventory of the products that we believe best suits their needs. It also means having a knowledgeable sales staff who are interested in helping our customers find the right products for their requirements, not just to make a sale. We are then capable of quickly getting our customers started using their new gear as well as provide the support and service they will need in the continued use of those products. We offer a wide range of products for the very beginner player to the professional musician. Along with a fast and reliable Service Department that offers quality work on anything from vintage gear to warranty service for most major music manufacturers. We also have our install company, Acoustical Audio Designs, that provides a wide scope of services from teleconferencing for corporate boardrooms to installs in churches and schools. Far-Out Music is a one-stop shop.

Over 40 years ago, Kenny’s intent was to create a special service department and store for people that they couldn’t be found anywhere else. Today, that is our same goal. For the thousands of musicians, audio technicians, hobbyists and others whose daily lives are touched and enhanced by the services we provide, we would like to thank you for your years of support. We are excited to be able to continue to serve you!