Welcome to the Drum Department


As far back as the late seventies, the Drumshop has been one of the highlights of Far Out Music. Along with a great selection of drums, hardware,and accessories, they have one of the largest selections of cymbals in the state [possibly several]. Additionally, the Far Out Drumshop offers many unique repair and maintenance services including edge work and snarebeds.

At one time or another, the Drumshop has carried every major brand of drums and cymbals as well as several peripheral and boutique lines. Currently, the drum department carries DW, Pacific, Tama, Pearl, Crush, Ludwig, Roland Electronics, Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Istanbul, Latin Percussion, Gibraltar, Roc n Soc and Humes and Berg Cases.

In the 35 + year history of the Far Out Drumshop , there have only been three department managers, all bringing valuable expertise to the table. The current manager, Tommy Seward

[drums@faroutmusicinc.com], has been running the Drumshop for over 17 years. As a drummer, he has played professionally nationwide including Las Vegas, Disney World, Branson and many other resorts, events and concerts for over 30 years, which allows him to share a rare skillset with his customers. In addition, Tommy has worked on hundreds of drums of every brand over the years, so he definitely knows what makes them “do their thing”. Many professionals rely on his expertise. He also has knowledge in electronic drums [and their repair] , triggering as well as drum mics and techniques.

So, If you would like to just look around, hear something or get some help with your drums, come check it out. The Far Out Drumshop has great sounding kits on the floor that you can play as well as a variety of congas, bongos, djembes and cajons. There is also a good selection of accessories such as cymbal arms, clamps and holders and lots of sticks and heads!

Brands We Carry

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